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Web Development Services

Are you looking to bring your business services online or to make your work discoverable? We offer web development services. Whether you want to showcase your portfolio, provide your business services or start an e-commerce, our web developers will cater to your needs. We can work with you to design and create your website from the ground up or build on what you already have by integrating new features like mailing and shipping services or marketing and monetization tools. We can also make your website to be available on multiple devices. You simply let us know your vision and we will implement it for you.

Programming Services

Our programming experts will work to create software that is custom-tailored to you and your business. Whether you have a great idea for an innovative software, or you want to extend your website into an app that can be used on iPads and mobile phones, we will bring a solution to your needs. We use programming languages such as Java and Python to deliver your product, so the possibilities as to what can be done are endless.

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Are you fascinated by the process that goes into creating the software you use every day? Have you experienced the power of programming and would love to learn more? Are you looking to create your own opportunities by creating an app or bringing your knowledge and expertise online? We offer tutoring sessions that answer all these questions for you. We can teach you to code with different programming languages or teach you some basics on how to build a website or integrate features.

Available trainining(s)

No group training is available at this time.

Personal 10 weeks training in Java, in Python and in PHP are available at 150 CAD but adding 20 CAD/hour for the tutor extra hours.

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