What is Stunt-Business?

Stunt Business brings together a group of engineering students who offer IT services, including website development and programming, as well as tutoring. It was founded first out of a need to help international students. After some time in university, the founders realized that many international students in different fields were having difficulty finding work opportunities despite their skill sets. As a result, they decided to create a platform that could assist people in bringing their vision to life. They set out to use their engineering and programming knowledge to help entrepreneurs bring their presence online through professionally made websites and by teaching others some programming languages to create their own software.

Why choose us?

At Stunt, we believe that our services must be rendered upon three important pillars: customization, expertise, and transparency. We will carefully listen to your needs and provide relevant comments and advice as to what can be done to make your product the best it can be. Our partnerships with other professionals ensure that we produce the best possible outcome. Furthermore, we will always let you know how we intend to proceed with the programming of your product and include you in the process.

Meet the Founders


Amadou Wendyam Erwan Ouedraogo

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Erwan Ouedraogo is a fourth-year student in Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ottawa. A curious and motivated learner, Erwan took every opportunity to gain experience in design and electrical engineering throughout his graduate studies. His combined degree in Entrepreneurship allowed him to acquire knowledge about business and consumer behaviors. Such knowledge is valuable to him as he caters to the needs of those seeking his IT services.

Benjamin Kataliko Viranga

Gatineau, QC, Canada

Benjamin Kataliko is a fourth-year student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology at the University of Ottawa. A problem solver at heart, Benjamin was drawn to programming because he enjoyed the challenge of creating the software that make people’s lives easier. His love for programming and passion for helping people drove him to start Stunt Business, allowing him to create websites, program new software and share his knowledge with others.